Blogs are a popular way of communicating information to people and for being creative. They are also a useful way for networks to get a message across to a wide audience in an inexpensive way and, when combined with social media, can have a massive reach to wider communities. This brings new ideas, sharing, and ways to raise funds for projects. Here’s how to energize your network through blogging.

Tell Your Story

One of the best ways for a network to use blogging is to record the progress of a group or project. By using photography and words you can be creative about posts and gather an audience. Blogs enable people to be interactive so you can ask opinions or use it to raise awareness of fundraising. This is Your Kingdom is an example of a successful blog where activities, places to eat and other attractions in a neighborhood are displayed, bringing attention to an area. A network wanting to attract visitors to its region, for example, may find having a blog like this useful. The Grenfell Fire Tragedy in London has seen numerous issues raised about social issues and housing. The Grenfell Action Group has a blog aimed at highlighting these issues to a wide audience as the fire investigation continues. This brings a wide range of updates to the community on housing, events and more on an issue that has traumatized a community and is an ongoing investigation.

Use Illustrations to Raise Issues and Increase Participation

Sometimes a picture says more about an issue than any word. Squirrel News uses a pictorial blog to publish news and updates for the LBTG community in New Orleans. Blogs can be used by networks to encourage participation in an issue such as wheelchair accessibility. The blog Attitude is Everything has a section for disabled users to mystery shop a public building and describe the access. For even more participation, you can add a poll so people can vote on a specific issue or include videos to bring your network to life. One of the other useful things on blogs is a question or comment section so you can see what people are asking and thinking. Do be responsive to these as a network so you keep the commentary active and generate answers. Those questions and answers can also be used to inform project developments within a network.

Publicize Events

One of the best bits about having a blog is you can use it to grab attention about a big event you are planning. By creating fresh content and increasing your followers, a network can blog different material, show progress and build up anticipation for a special event. The blog Shrouds of the Somme is building up to the centenary of the World War One armistice in 2018 and using a network of people to support a major art installation. The blog encourages participation and informs people about the process, all the time attracting more interest. If your network has lots of events, you can add a calendar to a blog so people are constantly reminded of meetings and special events.

Blogging is really useful for networks as it generates more interest in a community and brings a project to life. It is also a valued way of sharing ideas and networking with others through shared interests.


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