Is your group losing steam, feeling a little uninspired, or downright in the dumps? Sometimes, group members can get off track, become apathetic, or frankly become bored once the initial excitement of getting together has worn off. To keep your group members on task, enthusiastic, and actively involved within the group, you may want to consider hosting a fun, lighter, engaging event like a movie night.

Watching a movie together is a great way for a group to bond and gain ideas. If you want your group to work better together and communicate more, we suggest selecting a movie based on teamwork and/or team building. Movies about teamwork can inspire your own group to work closely together and can help build in-group relationships. If you’re not sure what movie to select, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a few great movie suggestions that portray teamwork, will make for a successful movie night and help your group bond!

(Warning: spoilers below!)


For starters, a superhero movie will inspire any individual to achieve more and do great things. The Avengers film however, goes the next step combining inspiration and teamwork. This film is the definition of team building. The Avengers are formed by S.H.I.E.L.D leader, Nick Fury who selects a diverse range of superheroes with differing beliefs to create the ultimate crime fighting squad. Due to their differences, functioning as a group is initially difficult, but in the end, the team works together to save the day. This type of film can resonate with a group that contains strongly-opinionated individuals by helping them accept one another’s perspectives and collaborate more cohesively on group projects and events.         

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

If you’ve ever watched the TV show, then you know how well the Power Rangers get along. In this film, the do-gooder teens work together and with new allies to save their leader, Zordon and to defeat their foes who attempt to take over the world and destroy the Rangers. This film will not only give your group nostalgia, it’ll show them how to overcome any “foes” and obstacles that may stand in the way of them achieving group objectives. Most importantly, it’ll help your group members work more efficiently with each other and stick together — as the Rangers do!  

Remember the Titans

One of the most inspirational movies of all time, Remember the Titans is sure to help bring your group closer together. Based on a true story about a football team that goes through many trials and tribulations, this movie is guaranteed to evoke emotion (possibly some waterworks) and motivate your group members. After facing obstacles, learning to trust one another, and staying focused on their goal, the team is able to win the state championship in the end. This film definitely illustrates hard work, dedication, leadership, sacrifice, and success and can surely encourage your group to become more unified and stronger and to work harder to achieve group goals.

October Sky

October Sky is also based on a true story and is another tear-jerker film — and that’s okay because a group that cries together stays together! Set in a rural coal mining town in the U.S. during the 1950’s, this inspirational film centers on Homer Hickam, a high school kid who wants to achieve his dream of building and launching a rocket and winning the national science fair — an achievement that carries with it his only shot at attending college, a full-ride scholarship. Though his father disapproves, Homer enlists the help of his friends, a few townspeople, and his encouraging teacher to achieve his dream. In the end, and after overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, Homer and his friends are able to launch the rocket, win the science fair, and build successful lives. This film will definitely motivate your group to accomplish whatever goal(s) they’ve established, stay strong in the face of adversity, work closely together on tasks, and be more passionate about their mission.   

Kung Fu Panda

Animated movies can be just as inspiring as real movies and can surely help a group bond. Kung Fu Panda is a great example of teamwork and working together to achieve great things. In this film Po the Panda yearns to be a Kung Fu master. After learning skills from his idols, the legendary Furious Five, he’s able to become a strong and skilled martial artist and protect his people (with the help of his friends) from an evil snow leopard. This film will help your group become more dedicated in their tasks, work harder, and, most importantly, will remind them to learn and grow from one another.   

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